Treinen Farm Bonfire Areas

Bonfire areas are $50.00 and are reserved for 3 hours (admission fee charged for each person in addition to the bonfire fee–see Treinen Farm website for admission packages.)

This reservation form is for bonfires reservations DURING OUR NORMAL HOURS. If you are trying to book a bonfire outside of the times you see here, use this link:

Please click on your preferred START time to make a booking. You can always contact us at (608)622-7407 or email for help planning your event. (There is also a place on the booking form to send us any questions.)

PLEASE NOTE: Zompocalypse, our zombie event, is on the Saturday night before Halloween, 7 pm - midnight. There are no private bonfires for that night; however, we will have numerous public bonfires that night.

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